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  • Group Travel & Event Transportation

    Bus Rentals For Business

    Corporate Bus Rentals

    When it comes to business travel time is money. At North American Charter Bus, we can ensure that everyone travels safely to the convention or meeting without a hitch. Transport to and from the airport is rendered seamless and simple with a shuttle van, and everyone arrives at their destination cool, unhurried, and ready to do their best. We coordinate with the most reliable companies in a variety of metropolitan areas to ensure coverage and no complications arise for your group’s travel.

    Group Travel For Businesses

    Corporate Event Transportation

    If you are managing a company’s event as a corporate event planner, business owner, director of transportation, or other position, you know there’s a lot that goes into making an event successful. One of the aspects you may not think about is one of the most basic: group travel transportation. Ensuring your guests have convenient and reliable transportation is the first step in hosting a successful corporate event.

    Convenient Transportation For Conventions

    Convention Transportation

    When groups want to travel to conventions, festivals, and events that draw large numbers, coordinating arrival and rendezvous can be a nightmare, parking not withstanding. North American Charter Bus has the perfect solution. Whether the group is small or large, whether the event is in the city or miles distant, groups can travel in safety and comfort with a charter bus. Concerts, genre conventions—like “Cons”—political rallies, trade shows, and many other events draw enormous crowds. Take the easy route and alight at the curb without having to worry about parking fees or finding the rest of the group.

    Bus Charters For Groups

    Group Travel & Event Transportation 

    Charter Buses are an ideal solution for group travel, whether it’s across the country or around town. Nearly every type of group can enjoy traveling in the comfort of charter buses — from sports teams to local political supporters.

    Academic Group Transportation

    Academic Events 

    Whether school groups need to travel for a day – or several days, charter buses are an ideal mode of transport, offering both maximum safety and cost effectiveness. The whole group can safely and easily reach concerts, tours, educational competitions, and other field trips without worrying about missing connecting flights or part of the group getting misdirected.

    Bus Charters For Sports Teams & Fans
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    Sporting Events

    At the secondary, collegiate, and professional level, competitive sports necessitate travel. From NCAA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, NBA, MLS, and NFL events to the local high school basketball or football away games and track meets, North American Charter Buses ensure that everyone arrives in time to warm up and play their best. Plus, charter buses can serve as a way for a community group to show support at those distant events—without the hassle of parking many individual cars.

    Government Charter Bus Services
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    Government, Military, & Political Travel 

    Government, Military, and National & State Political campaigns benefit from visibility and coverage. When a candidate is considering running, a charter bus can facilitate that coverage. North American Charter Bus has a history of working with event planners and strategists, and so we promote clear communication and organized, simple facilitation of group travel needs. Whether travel is local, within the state, or interstate, we offer a number of different travel accommodations to suit the need.

    Corporate Shuttle Transportation
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    Corporate Shuttles 

    Shuttle service isn’t just a quick way to get to the airport or train station. Now, by partnering with North American Charter Bus, companies can offer their employees an added bonus. Shuttle service to and from the train station, a carpool parking lot, or other transit hub can make getting to and from work a great deal easier, and that makes people happy. So in addition to offering convention or event transport for short-term business needs, we also provide a business solution that makes eco-friendly travel choices, like mass transit, simple for businesses


    Rent A Bus For Any Occasion
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    Custom Group Travel & Event Transportation 

    North American Charter Bus provides group transportation all over North America in the United States & Canada.  We provide customized services for your group.  Contact us today to discuss the specifics for your group and we would be happy to assist you.  We also provide free estimates for your convenience to plan your budget for group travel and your event.  You can rent a bus for any occasion, let us help you make it stress free and easy!
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